Can Earthing Increase Your Bench Press?

Earthing and ExerciseIn my studies of earthing, I recently came across a very surprising case study dealing with earthing and weight lifting.

This particular study was very interesting to me because I have a strong interest in weight lifting, bodybuilding, and overall fitness.

The study can be found in one of my favorite books on earthing by Ober, Sinatra M.D., and Zucker as mentioned in a previous post I did on earthing mats.

Impact of Earthing on Exercise Performance

In this particular study, Ken Jones Ph.D. who is an exercise physiologist and experienced powerlifter with an American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation title and World Amateur Athletic Union title under his belt, was able to achieve a dramatic increase in the poundages that he was able to lift after incorporating earthing in his training program.

After just six months of grounding, he was able to increase the amount of weight that he could squat by 80 pounds, going from a 505 pound squat to a 585 pound squat. This is quite remarkable!  And on top of that, he was able to do this after the age of 50.

As you can imagine, Ken was curious why this was happening and went to have his testosterone levels checked which turned out to be not real high and definitely not the cause of the dramatic increase in squatting performance.

In fact, the increase was not just limited to squats but his bench press and deadlift increased as well. In addition, workout recovery time was shortened.

He also states that he did nothing to change his workouts and did not change his diet. He didn’t even rest and take time off so the only thing that could have caused the elevated performance is the practice of adding grounding to his regimen.

Break Through Training Plateaus with Earthing

One very obvious thought comes to mind from the study above. Can adding grounding to your daily routine help bust through those training plateaus that we all hate?

Those times when no matter what we do we can’t seem to lift more weight or push out more reps or shave more time off of our runs or whatever it may be.

After we have run out of training tips, diet tweaks or new supplements and we are just stuck, maybe it is reconnecting to the Earth that can push our performance over the edge and help us achieve more.

Do you have a similar experience where adding earthing to your program has resulted in a pronounced increase in athletic performance? If so please leave a comment below!

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