Montel Williams Healthmaster vs Vitamix: Which is Better?

Vitamix 5200 Blender

For a long time I’ve depended on the Vitamix blender for making smoothies and juices but recently a few other powerful blenders

have hit the market.  One of these is the HealthMaster blender by Montel Williams and I thought it would be interesting to do a detailed comparison to see which one comes out on top.

First let’s take a look at the options and models that are offered by each brand.

HealthMaster vs Vitamix Blender Models

Vitamix offers quite a wide selection of models from consumer to professional grade.  Since there are so many different ones, I will choose the Vitamix 5200 because this is the model with which I am most familiar and it also seems to be the most popular consumer model.  We’ll put that up against the Classic version of the HealthMaster.

One thing you will notice right off the bat is that the HealthMaster blender line does not provide quite the number of options when it comes to choosing a machine.  There are really only two:  HealthMaster and HealthMaster Elite, while Vitamix offers four main product lines and quite a few options within those categories.

Here is a short list showing the available options in each blender line.


Vitamix Models

  • Vitamix Professional Series 750, 500, 300, 200, Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
  • Vitamix 5200 and 7500 Standard – Here’s a link to the Vitamix 5200 owner’s manual
  • Vitamix Creations II, Creations Elite, Creations GC
  • Vitamix TurboBlend, TurboBlend VS

For more information on any of the specific models above, you can get full details at the official Vitamix website on their product page right here.


HealthMaster Models

Health Master Blender

Specification Comparison

 Vitamix 5200HealthMaster ClassicHealthMaster Elite
Dimensions20.5" x 7.25" x 8.75"21" H x 12.75" W x 16.5" D19.5" H x 8" W x 8" D
Power1380 watts / 2HP1100 watts / ~ 2HP1200 watts / ~ 2HP
SpeedsHigh/Low and Variable Speed8 Variable Speeds8 Variable Speeds
Pitcher TypeBPA Free Copolyester - Available in 64oz, 48oz and 32ozPolycarbonate - 70ozBPA Free plastic - 70oz
Blade Type4 Prong Stainless Steel4 Prong Stainless Steel4 Prong Stainless Steel
Dry Use / FlourYesYesYes
Warranty7 year60 money back guarantee. Lifetime warranty on motor60 money back guarantee. Lifetime warranty on motor
ColorsBlack, Red, White
Brushed Stainless, and Platinum
Black, Red, WhiteBlack, Red, White
Price$449.00 - new
Refurbished models available for less
3 payments of $49.994 payments of $49.99

– Size –

Right off we can see a big difference in the size of the machines.  The HealthMaster while not much taller, is significantly wider and deeper.  Not good if you have limited counter space.

However, the HealthMaster Elite is much slimmer and trimmer and even a little smaller than the Vitamix.

I would have to say if you are limited on space this one would have to go to the HM Elite or Vitamix.

Winner:  Tie – Vitamix and HealthMaster Elite


– Power –

The units are pretty evenly matched in the power department with the Vitamix motor being slightly more powerful than either of the HealthMaster models.

All three machines are evenly matched and provide incredible powerful.  They can emulsify just about anything you can throw in them.  However, with the slightly more powerful motor, we will give this one to the Vitamix.

Winner:  Vitamix


– Container –

This seems to be a pretty easy victory for the Vitamix with the optional size of containers.  The standard 64oz or a small 48oz or an even smaller 32oz blender pitcher size.

The HealthMaster does come with a 70oz container and bigger than any size offered by the competitor.  So if you need a little extra room then Montel’s machine does offer it up.

No doubt the optional containers will come in handy so this one has to go to the Vitamix.

Winner:  Vitamix


– Price –

The HealthMaster blender series is significant less in price than the Vitamix and comes with an easy payment plan with payments of only $49.99.  This makes this blender/emulsifier much more affordable to the average person or family.  It’s tough shelling out over $400 for a blender but I will tell you, it is absolutely worth it.

Vitamix does offer refurbished models at a discounted price in the range of $329 – $379.

Nevertheless, the HealthMaster provides more affordability and is a great option for those wanting a powerful blender on a tight budget.

Winner:  HealthMaster


– Overall –

With all things considered, these are both really great machines that can be used for a variety of kitchen applications. Making smoothies and juices is only one of the many things that are capable of these high powered blenders.

When it comes down to it, many features are very comparable between the 5200 and the Health Master Elite but the variety of containers and slight power edge gives this victory to the Vitamix for me.

Winner: Vitamix



You simply can’t go wrong with the Vitamix 5200 with years of history and reputation behind it. It’s the one blender trusted for the intense and inventive applications in the kitchens of the Food Network and will surely be able to handle anything that you can throw at it in your kitchen.

Have an experience with the HealthMaster or Vitamix blender that you want to share?  Post a comment below and let us know.

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9 thoughts on “Montel Williams Healthmaster vs Vitamix: Which is Better?

  1. Dion on said:

    Is the 70 oz container too large for single serving drinks? I mean will it blend as well with less to blend or will it just push it up the walls away from the blades?

    • Juiced Body on said:

      Thanks for the great question. In our experience we have never had a problem with smaller drinks in the larger 64 – 70 oz containers. Even single serve drinks blend very well. However, it can depend on the consistency that you are going for. Thinner drinks tend to do much better at smaller volumes than the thicker smoothies which tend to be more difficult to get out of the bottom of the larger containers. In addition, it also helps to have control over the motor speed and use slower speeds for the smaller batches. Hope this helps! -JB

  2. Leanne on said:

    I would be interested in the montel williams health master elite blender, however I heard something about how the enzymes work or something like that I heard – please help me figure out if this is the machine that helps the enzymes in the blender.

    Thanks, Leannne

    • I think you may have mixed up some information. The blender can emulsify food, this means that fruit with seeds eg. rasberries, strawberries, when blended in this blender become cut up and do not get stuck in your teeth. Enzymes are something your body produces to digest food. However it is easier to digest blended food. I hope this has helped you out.

  3. Connie on said:

    I own the HealthMaster Elite. I absolutely LOVE it! The price was great and it does absolutely everything I would ever need in my kitchen. I can juice, grind almonds etc., make fresh soup, and ice cream. Not one problem ever! I have had it for a couple of years! Well worth the investment!

  4. Please, spend the extra money and buy the Vitamax if it is the better product. I bought the Healthmaster classic about 2 Years ago. The Lid had parts that broke. I thought no problem let me order a replacement lid for $14.99. I learned that Tri-Star Products has discontinued my particular Healthmaster classic. Therefore, I cannot buy another lid. I was offered to buy a new Model or the refurbished Model for $79.99.
    I find that a rip off. I just want a blender that works. The two people with whom I spoke both, in the Indian manner, politely and repeatedly refused to help ,me out in my case as it is not my fault that the Model has been discontinued, they refused.
    If you read over the reviews you will see for yourself how many people have had baaaaad experience with Healthmaster classic or Elite and any kind of replacement, even with extended Warranty.

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