A Balanced NutriBullet Review

The Nutribullet by Magic Bullet is the alternative to a commercial level blender from Blendtec or Vitamix which can cost upwards of $400. Instead, the Magic Bullet Nutribullet is targeted at consumers rather than commercial kitchens and aims to provide an extraction process which beats any existing juicer or blender on the market today.

I first became interested in whether I should buy NutriBullet because of the widely publicized infomercial, but as I discovered more about this product I came to understand it was not a low quality, cheaply made product. Instead, true creativity and real effort had gone into a unique approach to developing a product that could extract the goodness out of local produce.

Reviews of NutriBullet

You have to look around for balanced reviews of blenders. Some blenders sell for mid-three figures, with appropriately bombastic promotional copy attached. However, here we do our very best to provide a far more balanced review compared to other NutriBullet reviews published on the net.

Benefits of NutriBullet

Rather than blend or juice, the Nutribullet can create healthy drinks that can provide unique health benefits when consumed regularly. Nutritious juices have been found to promote improved color in the skin, a more balance appearance and added vitality; all things that we can all do with more of during our busy lives.

At the core of the NutriBullet is the extractor technology used. This operates with patented extractor blades of unique design, using a cyclonic action (swirling around much like a cyclone weather event does), to get the most from the fresh produce added to the tall cup inside.

The NutriBullet comes in an attractive color with a silver-colored power base. The power base is extremely sturdy. Just plug in the NutriBullet, add the tall cup on to the 600 watt, high torque base and begin.

The milling blade is extremely sharp and made of stainless steel, so you will never need to sharpen it. It is so sharp that it is capable of cutting right through grains, fruit seeds, finely chopping fresh herbs to make them easily digestible, the tough stems of vegetables like broccoli, and the hard skin on the outside of fruits and vegetables. Much of the raw goodness in fruits and vegetables are in the these hard to get to areas of the fresh produce and the milling blade delivers access; drinks are more nutritious as a result.

Provided with the product is a tall cup, which is extra large in order to create several servings of a tasty drink at one time. The company calls these NutriBlasts because they hope that they give you a real boost during your busy day.

A short cup and a ring that goes over the top, with a handle for easy carrying, is also provided with the NutriBullet. This is designed more for single servings, with the ease of access to drink straight from the short cup itself, with less clean up later. It is very nice to have the option of two different sizes of cup, each with slightly different uses. For those people who do not wash up their dishes right away or use a dishwasher, it is handy to have two cups because you do not run out of cups to use with NutriBullet. That was something my teenagers really appreciated, as they did not want to have to clean up after their brothers and sisters.

In addition to the cups were two resealable lids, one for each cup and interchangeable. They are used to ensure the drinks stay fresh atall times. This helps families who want to take their blended drinks on the road with them. The kids loved taking their NutriBlasts into the back yard while they played on their iPad.

When buying our NutriBullet, we needed a bit of guidance on what ingredients were best to use. Particularly, not having blended or juiced so much before, we were not great at figuring out which ingredients would go well with other ingredients. We needed a bit of help in this area! We did find some juice and smoothie recipes online, because at first we forgot about the recipe book that was included in the product box.

The recipe book was extremely helpful for us. It gave our family some excellent ideas to start with where we could buy the right ingredients, portion according to the instructions, and get started. The 6-Week Transformation Plan was helpful as it gave us a good place to start. Later, we felt comfortable to experiment with portion sizes and different combinations because we’d had this helpful start. There was also a user guide, but the product was so easy to set up and use that we never felt much need to look through it; but we were glad we had it anyway.

The other little extra was a Pocket Nutritionist. A useful guide we could take with us to the supermarket. It gave ideas about what organic foods to look out for, what was considered a well balance diet each week, what to look for when trying to select the most fresh produce to put into the NutriBullet, what quantities were recommended, and information on the health benefits we could expect when we up our intake of top quality vegetables and fruits.

With all these tools are our disposal, we found that we could easily produce good-looking and healthy drinks any time of the day. The product really delivered where it counts. Heavy base to keep it steady, easy to clean and maintain, and no buttons to press anywhere. Even our 8 year old found it easy to figure out, so now we don’t have to make her juice in the morning; she makes her own.

Negatives about NutriBullet

Reviews on NutriBullet have sometimes noted that the unit needs to be kept clean and dry in order to maintain it. This ensures no moisture gets into the outside joints, which could affect the long-term durability of the unit. It is best to wipe it down with a dry kitchen cloth or kitchen paper once you have finished using it.

Ensure you do not overfill the unit. There is a line that you should not cross, which is clearly indicated. If you cross this line by packing too much produce in, then it can overspill and clog up the blade system.

Where To Buy NutriBullet

NutriBullet can be bought through a variety of merchants with Amazon providing the best price and free shipping.


For a personal juicer or blender that is wanted for highly nutritious drinks in place of heavy meals, the NutriBullet really hits the spot. Extracting the goodness from all parts of the vegetables and fruits — not just the easy to blend parts — delivers a healthy drink in unending colorful combinations.

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