Pau D’Arco Benefits

Pao d'Arco BarkAs an avid tea drinker, I love trying new teas. Just lately I discovered a fantastic tea known as pau d’arco.

This discovery came as I watched some recipe DVDs by raw food guru David Wolfe. He was mixing this tea with cat’s claw along with some other herbs to make some highly beneficial and ultra potent tonics.

Since pau d’arco tea seemed to have some really great health benefits, I decided to give it a try.

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The Natural and Fundamental Act of Grounding

View from RastaholmToday as I was doing more research on the topic of grounding, or earthing, I ran across this interesting article written by licensed acupuncturist Andrew Rader, LAc, MS at Acupuncture Today.

In the article he writes about how basic earthing is to our human nature and how studies and promotion of such a fundamental act is just silly.


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Can Earthing Increase Your Bench Press?

Earthing and ExerciseIn my studies of earthing, I recently came across a very surprising case study dealing with earthing and weight lifting.

This particular study was very interesting to me because I have a strong interest in weight lifting, bodybuilding, and overall fitness.

The study can be found in one of my favorite books on earthing by Ober, Sinatra M.D., and Zucker as mentioned in a previous post I did on earthing mats.

Impact of Earthing on Exercise Performance

In this particular study, Ken Jones Ph.D. who is an exercise physiologist and experienced powerlifter with an American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation title and World Amateur Athletic Union title under his belt, was able to …Continue Reading

Is an Earthing Mat a Key to Better Health?

Walking Barefoot

Lately I have become interested in the concept known as earthing (also known as grounding) and the positive effects it can have on one’s health. I have even gone so far as purchasing a universal earthing mat that I use indoors under my computer desk each day.

It has only been a couple days but I am excited to see if I notice any long-term effects from using this grounding mat.

In this post I am going to discuss what earthing actually is, some potential benefits to earthing, and …Continue Reading