The Natural and Fundamental Act of Grounding

View from RastaholmToday as I was doing more research on the topic of grounding, or earthing, I ran across this interesting article written by licensed acupuncturist Andrew Rader, LAc, MS at Acupuncture Today.

In the article he writes about how basic earthing is to our human nature and how studies and promotion of such a fundamental act is just silly.


Here is a little snippet from that article:

Sometimes you just gotta laugh. We have come to the point where studies are needed, papers are written, websites are created and workshops are given to promote something that is so fundamental, so natural, so intrinsic to our human experience that it borders on the surreal.


I am talking about “Earthing” aka. “Grounding.” Earthing is the radically simple and profound idea that we, have lost electrical contact with the ground due to insulating material such as shoes, cars, and buildings and that this loss of electrical contact has profound health consequences. The fix, according to Earthing theory, is simply touching the Earth with our skin or touching an electrically grounded conductive object….More at Stand on Your Ground – Barefoot – Acupuncture Today


The author cites several journals in the post and goes on to mention some compelling evidence for practicing grounding.

It seems true that we think that more technology and more medicine is the answer to our problems but, in fact, in may just be that we have taken away some of the most fundamental and natural things that us as humans need, direct contact with the healing power of the Earth.

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